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Key Bridge Capital is managed and operated by a team of seasoned professionals in Commercial Real Estate “CRE”. With many decades of proven track records in CRE from risk management, mortgage lending, acquisitions, developments, market study and preserving the integrity upon which it was founded, we are well positioned to make sound decisions on each and every transaction with a primary focus to safeguard the investments of our members/partners while providing capital solutions to borrowers on a timely fashion. We provide business purpose bridge loans with maturities between 1 to 36 months secured by first position senior loans primarily based on the equity and location of the property in the residential and commercial real estate markets. With our in-house valuation team and common sense underwriting guidelines we can fund up to $60 million in as quickly as 5 business days with competitive rates and fees in the private capital market.

Recent Transactions


Newport Coast Newport Beach Development


One newly completed luxury custom home in gated Newport Coast and Three custom homes half way completed on contiguous lots in gated community of Dana Point.


Santa Barbara Retail & Apartment Building


11,728 square foot of retail space on ground floor and 12,850 square foot of apartments on the 2nd floor.


Custom Home Bel Air California


Large and brand new luxury custom home.

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Our loan limits are now $1 mil - $60 mil